A new federal political party for us nerds

I believe that there are many people in Canada who feel as I do, that the existing governmental structures are serving the needs of ordinary Canadians less and less.

My proposal is that we create a new federal political party, and invite individuals like Marc Garneau and Andrew Coyne to take up its flag. It could be called the PNG – the Party of Nerds and Geeks; another possibility for a name is GNP – the Geeks and Nerds Party. Us geeks and nerds will appreciate the word play. But much more importantly, one can hope that engineers, software types, entrepreneurs, blue-collar workers, construction tradespeople, small business owners, and many other Canadians who are fed up with the existing federal political parties that behave as if they’re more interested in pandering to voters to get elected or re-elected than in governing the country.

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