The war against Islamic State

Western democracies are lining up to engage in bombing raids against Islamic State installations, citing the IS (aka ISIS, or ISIL) terrorists as particularly cruel and barbaric, a scourge that needs to be eliminated.
We’ve seen the gruesome beheadings, and heard the warnings that Canadians may become radicalized, join IS, and then return to Canada to wreak similar havoc here.
But consider the civilians on the ground in areas where the coalition forces are carrying out air raids. While they are certain to perceive as cruel and unjust the beheading of a family member by an IS adherent, how might they react when a family member, victim of a western bomb or rocket, perhaps with their head half blown off or trapped under piles of rubble, is in great pain and suffering for hours or even days, without adequate medical attention? In comparison, a beheading is swift and even merciful (the guillotine was invented by a physician as a humane form of execution).
When watching or listening helplessly as a loved one suffers a protracted and painful death caused by a coalition bomb, at whom will the survivors’ anger be directed, IS or the western invaders? Will their anger motivate them to join IS?
The western democracies are playing a dangerous game when their military actions may encourage otherwise neutral civilians to become their enemies.

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