Fatigue and sleep in cancer: Can too much sleep be bad for you?

This invited lecture was given on 2000-1-22 at the l’Esprit Cancer Rehabilitation Conference, held at the Renaissance Hotel du Parc, Montreal, Quebec.

It was also presented at the Thursday Seminar series, Research & Training Building Conference Room, Allan Memorial Institute, Montreal, on 1999-5-13;

at the Palliative Care McGill Rounds, Mount Sinai Hospital, Montreal, on 1999-9-8;

at the Epidemiology Seminars, Centre d’épidémiologie et de recherche en santé publique, Jewish General Hospital, Montreal, on 1999-9-29;

and at the Department of Psychiatry Clinical Grand Rounds, Institute of Community and Family Psychiatry, SMBD – Jewish General Hospital, Montreal, on 1999-10-14.

Download a pdf of the presentation slides and notes.

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