Was omega-3 research study burdened by pharma support? (letter)

I wrote this letter in response to an article, entitled “Omega-3 no help for Crohn’s”,  which appeared in the 2008-5-6 edition of the Medical Post. My original letter, as submitted, included references, and was clear that it was a response to the Medical Post article, and not to the research article itself. Unfortunately, the letter as published omits the references, and fails to make clear that I was commenting on the Medical Post article and not on the journal article by Dr. Feagan et al.

My letter, as published in the Medical Post on 2008-5-23, prompted a reply  from Dr. Feagan: LETTERS: Omega-3 study bias accusations ‘nonsensical’, which appeared on the Medical Post on 2008-6-13.

I have spent some time researching the hypothesis that linoleic acid in the diet may have an important influence on illness and may affect whether omega-3 supplementation will be helpful: Omega-6 fatty acids and Crohn’s disease.


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