Tremblay’s outrage

An edited version of this letter to the editor of the Montreal Gazette appeared in the 2004-6-18 edition under the heading “Lavish lunches exemplify abuses”.

So Mayor Tremblay is outraged that members of his political party were reimbursed for lunches and vintage wines out of our taxes? Nothing to compare to our outrage! But the whole business exemplifies what’s wrong with the megacity: things go on that those at the top don’t know about, and too many people feel that they can get away with morally or ethically questionable practices or even outright graft, corruption, or union featherbedding.
With any luck, and in spite of the best efforts of the “no” forces to frighten people, we hope to regain our cities in Sunday’s referendum. With a return to municipal structures of workable size, we can count on an increase in accountability to the taxpayers, something sadly lacking in the megacity.

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