This is the personal website of Henry Olders, P Eng, MD, FRCPC

From my LinkedIn profile:

Specialties: consultations in geriatric psychiatry; medicolegal expertise in assessments of competence; the role of sleep in causing and treating depression; vitamin B12 and cognition; low-carbohydrate diets for weight loss and preventing/treating type 2 diabetes

Machine learning: I’ve developed a nearest neighbor classifier using Hamming distances and based on neural network principles, whose performance matches or improves upon that of many other classifiers, while using only a tiny memory, processing power, and energy footprint.

“Why we get old and die, and what to do about it” is the topic of a presentation which I’ve given to several groups of health professionals. It outlines a different way of looking at aging and longevity, and an alternate paradigm for research into chronic diseases, their prevention, and their treatment.

You can also find me on ResearchGate.