This is the personal website of Henry Olders, P Eng, MD, FRCPC

From my LinkedIn profile:

Specialties: consultations in geriatric psychiatry; medicolegal expertise in assessments of competence; the role of sleep in causing and treating depression; vitamin B12 and cognition; low-carbohydrate diets for weight loss and preventing/treating type 2 diabetes

Machine learning: I’ve developed a nearest neighbor classifier using Hamming distances and based on neural network principles, whose performance matches or improves upon that of many other classifiers, while using only a tiny memory, processing power, and energy footprint.

“Why we get old and die, and what to do about it” is the topic of a presentation which I’ve given to several groups of health professionals. It outlines a different way of looking at aging and longevity, and an alternate paradigm for research into chronic diseases, their prevention, and their treatment. As the research continues to evolve, I’ve put this project on GitHub so that readers can easily keep up-to-date.

You can also find me on ResearchGate.